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16 Super Tampons
16 Super Tampons
16 Super Tampons
16 Super Tampons
16 Super Tampons
16 Super Tampons

Super organic tampons 

(16 pcs)
Your safe little ally

- Free of plastic & chemicals: no irritations & allergies
- Super-absorbent: no leaks, no stains
- Super-comfortable - expands & protects

100% GOTS certified<br>ORGANIC COTTON 100% GOTS certified
Gynecologist<br>recommended Gynecologist
Dermatologically<br>tested Dermatologically
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The purest tampons your vagina can get
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You have questions,
we have answers
Why choose ENROUSH tampons?

Active Lifestyle: ENROUSH tampons provide internal protection, allowing you to stay active and on the go during your period.
Safety Priority: Crafted exclusively from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, ensuring safety and purity.
Sustainability: Biodegradable materials used, including organic cotton for the string and recyclable packaging boxes.
No Chemicals: Our tampons contain no chemicals or hidden ingredients, offering pure and natural protection.

Are ENROUSH tampons bleached?

No way! ENROUSH tampons are 100% pure, no bleaches, no perfumes, no plastic.

How to use a tampon?

Practice makes perfect but to effectively use tampons, follow these simple steps:

1. Wash your hands and find a comfortable position.
2. Unwrap the tampon, leaving the bottom portion intact.
3. Use your index finger to push the curved end of the tampon, wrapping it around your finger.
4. Locate the entrance to your vagina.
5. Insert the tampon gently, about 2 cm inside, relaxing your vaginal muscles.
6. Leave the thread outside your body, wash your hands, and dispose of the wrapper.
7. Remember to change your tampon every 4-8 hours to prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Which tampon size should I use?

The size should always match your menstrual flow for effective protection.On normal flow days, use normal tampons with medium absorption. On heavy flow days use super tampons with high absorption.
- Avoid using a super tampon on low flow days to prevent discomfort.
- Don't select a tampon with very low absorption due to TSS concerns.
- Change tampons every 4 hours or sooner for reliable protection.
- Consider additional external protection or changing tampons every 2 hours for heavy flow.

How frequently should I change my tampon?

Change tampons every 4 hours to avoid developing TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). Never leave it in for more than 8 hours.

Is it possible for me to use a tampon even if I am a virgin?

Certainly! You can absolutely use tampons even if you're a virgin. The hymen in females is elastic enough to accommodate a tampon without causing any tearing.
For virgins, tampons might feel a bit more challenging to insert initially. Choosing a smaller size and taking your time to relax while inserting the tampon will make the process smoother and easier.

Where are ENROUSH tampons manufactured?

ENROUSH Organic Tampons are crafted to perfection in Germany with the highest standards of excellence.

Still have questions?
Check our FAQ or send us a message
Customer experience with ENROUSH products
1 review  RO
Date of experience: November 30, 2022
My gynecologist recommended me to use organic tampons and after a long search I found Enroush. These are the best I've ever tried. The fact that they don't have all kinds of chemicals and perfume makes them easy to wear without causing irritation and bumps on my skin, so I really recommend them from the bottom of my heart.
Catalina Codati
1 review  RO
Date of experience: January 01, 2023
Enroush doesn't irritate me, they are fine, they absorb very well and I don't always feel wet. I've been using enroush for two months and last month my period came on time, without hellish pain and it lasted longer than I was used to. I will follow, but anyway everything is easier with enroush!
1 review  RO
Date of experience: August 01, 2023
Fast delivery. Very convenient subscription plan. Eco-friendly packaging design. It's like getting a present and not hygiene products. I almost wait for my period now with Enroush. Very comfortable pads. No rashes, no issues. Easy to travel with as well.
Alina Stanescu
1 review  RO
Date of experience: November 27, 2023
I've been using Enroush tampons for quite some time now, and they have truly been a game-changer. Say goodbye to itching, unpleasant odors, and discomfort! These tampons are not only lightweight and fluffy but also incredibly absorbent. The only downside I can mention is the anxiety of running out when the stock is low. I can't imagine living without them. Enroush tampons have become an essential part of my routine, offering a solution to common menstrual challenges. Highly recommended for their comfort and effectiveness!
Laura Manea
1 review  RO
Date of experience: May 16, 2024
They are so comfortable to wear, and sometimes I forget I have them on. I have a heavy flow, and it does prevents for having any accidents. I didn't have any irritation. They neutralizes the odor, and I like that a lot.
Daniela Elena
1 review  RO
Date of experience: May 09, 2024
AMAZING! For years I've been messing up my flora with unhealthy menstrual products. This year I decided to make a change. I started making my research and looking for healthy and chemical free pads. ENROUSH is the best! My favorite thing about it is that i finally got rid of the horrible smell that the products i used before had. They are comfortable, healthy and affordable! I totally recommend!
Florentina Rosianu
1 review  RO
Date of experience: May 03, 2024
I highly recommend these products. ­čą░ I love the fact that they are fragrance free and good quality material. My number one favorite brand. ­čží­čží­čží
iulia vls
1 review  RO
Date of experience: April 23, 2024
Very good, comfortable and most important, healthy products. Also, the subscription method is very handy and helpful for me and the people are great, as I requested a change in my subscription and it was quickly implemented.
Gabriela Rus
1 review  RO
Date of experience: March 11, 2024
I'm using Enroush for almost 2 years now (it's so easy with the personalized membership, such a great idea!). I have a very sensitive skin and it has been quite a challenge for me to find something that won't cause discomfort, which is why I'm super happy I have found Enroush.
georgiana grigore
1 review  RO
Date of experience: December 29, 2023
Hi all! What impressed me the most was that these special products did not make me allergic, they are easy to use, and they did not make me have any skin reaction as I suffer from dermatitis; they are sensitive and very original. I am glad their inventor found these solutions for women in general, especially those who are more sensitive and have dermatitis.
1 review  RO
Date of experience: November 11, 2021
I am simply in love with all Enroush products. The old Supermarket tampons were giving me irritations and now with Enroush I am problem free when that time of the month is coming!! Love it and the nature also loves Enroush!
Oana Drulea
1 review  RO
Date of experience: January 16, 2024
For me, the first thing that matters is that the Enroush pads don't irritate me. anything else I've tried, it's not the same as Enroush. not to mention the packaging, everything comes very nicely packed <3
1 review  RO
Date of experience: March 14, 2024
Best of all! Everything they say it's true, even the pain goes away. I was struggling with lots of infections previously, I don't know if it's only because of ENROUSH but it's certain that I don't have any disturb any more since I use this brand. Congratulations for everything and keep going on!
Noemi Lazar
1 review  RO
Date of experience: November 13, 2023
Well, all I saw in the reels about the quality, the design, about the fact that it doesn't have any smell or it's just organic cotton are true. For me, it was the best decision and maybe it's a little bit more expensive than those from stores, but I really believe that is more important the health than buying something cheaper. Thank you so much!! Be blessed! ­čÖĆ
Bianca Demeter
1 review  RO
Date of experience: August 03, 2023
I absolutely love these organic products! They are gentle, comfortable, and eco-friendly. It's great to know that I'm using a product that's better for both my body and the environment. I made also a subscription so I don't have to worry about the next months. Highly recommend! ­čî┐
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