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Terms and Conditions Subscription

• The Subscription Agreement (called "Subscription") for a recurring delivery will be concluded for four (4) months
• Both parties can cancel the subscription by giving notice (e-mail sufficient) at least 14 days before the end of the subscription period. If no notice is given or if notice of termination is not given in time, the subscription will be renewed for another month.
• The right to terminate for good cause remains unaffected. If no notice is given or if a notice of termination is not given in due time, the subscription will be extended for a further month.
• The termination notice requires at least the text form to be effective. The cancellation of the customer can be made in the customer account, or by e-mail:
• By placing a Subscription order, you authorize PWR HUB DMCC to automatically place and ship an order for your selected subscription item(s), on a scheduled date each month.
• Your Subscribe and Save order's final total may vary due to changes in price, tax rates, Customs, duties fees, and/or shipping costs. Your order total will include: Sales tax, if applicable, will be applied to each Subscribe and Save order
• Shipping cost will be applied based on the shipping method you selected on your initial Subscribe and Save order, e.g.: if you selected Express Mail shipping on your original order, this shipping method will be used for all subsequent Subscribe and Save orders. Your actual shipping cost will be the current rate, for your shipping method.

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